Below is a list of insurances we accept. This may be subject to change. Please call for the most up-to-date information about insurance plans we accept.

We ask that you present your Insurance card at every visit and update us with any address or phone number changes. If you have a change in your Insurance policy, you are responsible for notifiying us. If you are uninsured please ask our front desk or billing manager regarding our policy. We are glad to help guide you on obtaining Health Insurance

Accepted Insurance Plans:

Accepted Insurance Plans





Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Health Care

All EXCEPT Community Plan


All EXCEPT child health plus plans


All EXCEPT Child health plus Plan and Select care


All EXCEPT Oxford Metro







United Met









Primary Care Physician (PCP) must be Dr. Gunduz

Blue Cross Blue Shield Child Health plus (BxBs VFC)

Primary Care physician (PCP) must be Dr. Gunduz

1199 National Benefit Fund


Meritain Health


Please note that there may be situations when a Well visit may turn into a sick visit due to emergent concerns and the well visit has to be rescheduled. It is also possible that the well visit will require additional time due to concerns brought up and therefore this visit will be considered a combination well and sick visit which may result in a copay being charged for the sick portion of the visit.

You are responsible for all co-pay’s and deductibles that you may have. Any co-pay required should be paid at the time of your child's visit. Any unpaid amounts due for your child's visit will be billed to the guarantor under your child's insurance policy. Any other arrangements on payment due needs to be handled privately between the parties. We do not have the capability to enforce any private arrangements regarding amounts due for your child's care. Please feel free to reach out to the Office Manager if you have any concerns regarding this policy.

We require a credit card for all patient's to be kept on file in the office.The credit card information is managed in house soley by the Office Manager. We do not store the information on our network. It is processed manually outside of our network to ensure security.

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